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Fisherwomen in Vietnam Quadruple Incomes After Receiving Kiva Microloans for 8 Years

I had the opportunity to meet some inspiring fisherwomen in Thanh Hoa this week! Two of them said they were able to quadruple their incomes as a result of receiving loans from Kiva over the course of 8 years. They couldn't ever have afforded to buy the technology, tools and large fishing nets needed to expand their fishing businesses without loans from Kiva. I knew Kiva was impactful, but it's very exciting to see and hear the positive impact in the flesh!

(from the left: Nhung, Thuy and Binh)

Here are the nets Nhung received with her Kiva loan:

Nhung used to only have one fishing net (100 kg) before taking out her loans. She now has two fishing nets (1 ton) and is able to be out at sea fishing for ten days at a time. She usually is able to catch about seven tons worth of seafood with her new nets during these ten days. Nhung has been fishing for eight years total and now oversees eight employees.

All of these women have three or more children, as their Kiva loans have enabled them to significantly increase their incomes to support their children's education and to ensure they always have food on the table. Fishing is highly sensitive to harsh storm conditions, but now these women can fish longer and catch more seafood to sell in order to prepare for days in which storms interrupt their work.

Nhung told me she plans to eventually take out another loan for greater fishing technology so that she can safely fish further into the sea. I'm very impressed with their tenacity! I can't wait to see how their businesses progress and how their families' futures continue to brighten!

Until next time - tạm biệt!

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